Fishing Boat

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We are a group of schooner’s enthusiasts. We particularly love the history of The Bluenose, The Queen of The North Atlantic. The group is working hard to preserve the traditional way of building schooners. The world is moving towards progress where everything is operated with a machine or engine. We don’t want the world to forget the art of traditional schooner building because it is already in danger of coming to an end as well as with what happened to Bluenose I.

High-speed boats are great and has its perks but the the manual boats like The Bluenose I can offer the same features too. We love the classic design of old schooners and we hope that ship building companies will continue to produce these designs.

We hope that you could experience what it feels like to ride Bluenose II (replica of Bluenose I). It feels like sailing in the old times when things are much simpler. They offer authentic experience for tourist who would like to get idea about the history of Bluenose I. If you are afraid of the sea, don’t worry because your safety is their number one priority. They are complete with safety gears and accessories.

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