Bluenose 2

Bluenose 2

Nova Scotia Port

The Return Of Queen of The North Atlantic

Queen of The North Atlantic made her come-back after 20 years. Smith and Rhuland Shipyards built the Bluenose II. The official launching was held in 1963 with the hopes that it can return the glory of Bluenose once had. The makers of Bluenose II  made every efforts to make a perfect replica of Bluenose I. They kept the alterations and modifications to minimum. The weeping of Captain Walters for the sunken ship finally ended when he made his first voyage with Bluenose II.

Nova Scotia’s Sailing Ambassador

Bluenose II began a new chapter of its life in 1971 when it was given as a gift to the province of Nova Scotia. The historic schooner became Nova Scotia’s sailing ambassador. It is based in Lundenburg where the first schooner was born. Bluenose II is now a tourist attraction and regularly traveling to represent the province. Today, hundred’s of tourist would like to experience the historic ride of Bluenose II and it is already possible if they sign up for the tour. If you want to experience Bluenose II voyage, go to this website:

Bluenose II didn’t escape the terror of aging. In 2009,  Bluenose II turned 50 years old and it was suffering from hogging due to continuous exposure to strong waters. Nova Scotia government alloted millions of dollars to restore the aging vessel. Several years after, Bluenose II is back again in the sea.