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Know Your Sail Boat

Know Your Sail Boat

Do you want to sail? Some of the members of our group doesn’t have a sailboat yet. That is fine. You can sail with us and experience the ocean like no other. But if you want to buy your very own sailboat, then much better. Many are fascinated in collecting cars, well, we are different. We’d rather soak our skin in the heat of the sun and explore the ocean. Here are the types you can choose from.


It is a two or more masted schooner. Many enthusiasts like us agree that schooner in full sail has a classic look that will make heads turn.


Gaffers are rigged type of sailboat. The design of the rigg with a topsail makes a windy sound even in light airs. The price range is quite costly but we’ll sure that you’ll enjoy sailing this type of sailboat.


People have confusion between a cutter and sloop type of sailboat. We cannot blame them because you can hardly see the difference. It has one large sloop which is the reason why its confusing. The difference is in the size. This is a massive sailboat which is good for heavy weathers and long sailing.


It consist of two masts. The first mast is the main to direct the boat forward and the 2nd mast is a shorter mizzen so the boat can be flexible and can change directions.


Yawl and ketch are quite similar when it comes to sailing performance. The difference between the two is the how much is the size of the mizzen in proportion to he main mast. We all agree that yawl is a beauty to behold due to its classic look.


It is one of the most basic rig types. Unlike other types of sailboat cat version doesn’t have head-sails. You will hardly use the mizzen on this one due to the location. This boat is not really good when it comes versatility but it is still fun to sail. It lets you use your sailing skills without relying on the features of the boat.

Important Reminder:

Before sailing, always make sure you check weather updates. Our sailboats are designed to face the tough waters of the sea but they still have limits of what they can take. If the weather is too bad, we urge you not to move on with your sail. Remember that there will be another day. It’s not worth your life, so stay safe everyone.